It is our service designed for customers who are looking for support for their internal IT team through external experts. QCARE is a service fully managed by Quantumdatis and its associate partners to help your company keep your data safe and in compliance with best practices.


With QCARE we take care of all your data needs. We put our experience at your disposal with monthly meetings to advise and guide you in strategic decisions.


We offer a completely cloud-based monitoring solution, which non-invasively collects all the really important metrics for the performance of your system. All information is at your disposal through simple and clear dashboards: we show you only what matters and we visualize it as clearly as possible.

Performance Tuning

We analyze the performance of your database and identify the critical points.

Our tools are capable of collecting information about your system and analyzing them to highlight which points of your application can be stronger. We have lengthy experience with numerous technologies and languages and we will be able to advise you on which architectures, strategies or database changes can optimize the performance of your system.

Consulting & Guidance

We have deep knowledge of the Microsoft Data Platform technologies and we can advise you on the architectural solution that best suits your business.

Ask for our help and we will be able to guide you in a wide range of topics: from the design of the database, to the choice of High Availability and Disaster Recovery technologies, to the design of the most complex replication architectures, up to Business Intelligence and Data Virtualization.

Health Check

We check the health of your system.

We provide you with a detailed report of all the points that need attention in several areas (backup, consistency, maintenance, security, performance), enriched with our suggestions. Together we will draw up an intervention plan to find the solution that best suits your business.


Still using SQL Server 2008, but don't know how to upgrade to a more modern version?

Do you want to migrate your database to the cloud but don't know what the performance impact would be?

Would you like to optimize the use of your licenses by consolidating multiple instances?

No problem: we put at your disposal a tool designed by us and unique in the world, able to simulate your migration to catch all the performance or problems functionality before performing the actual migration. We have assets of dozens of success stories: the next could be yours.

Training & Mentoring

We can organize courses, workshops and workshops to sharpen the skills of your staff.

We have designed, created and conducted countless courses for our customers, always getting their maximum satisfaction. For all topics ranging from systems administration, to programming, to performance tuning we have the solution that's right for you. Tell us about your needs and we will design tailor-made training together for you.